Apartment vs House?

Until recently, the Aussie quarter-acre block won hands down
  • Apartments were considered a stepping-stone – the first rung on the property ladder; until now.
Apartment Living is Growing
  • 78% – increase in occupied apartments over the last 25 years*
Why the shift to apartments?
  • We are working longer hours (even when working remotely).
Down-time is precious. We want:
  • Convenience
  • Choice
  • Little or No Commute
Here are the trends that are tipping in Apartment Living’s favour: 1. A good location is more important than ‘extra space’
  • Apartments are often located either in capital cities or close to the beach.
  • Residents live, learn work, stay or play with convenience.
2. Walkability
  • Your café, hairdresser, market are close-by – often in the ground floor of your building.
  • You can leave the car at home.
3. No more weekend DIY (or DIY injuries)
  • Leave the renovating to Netflix reality stars.  According to hospital casualty statistics, DIY hand injuries have increased by 70% in the past five years) Ouch!
  • Houses require maintenance. Apartments are generally designed for easy up-keep, and strata fees will often include property maintenance.
4. Better cash flow with lower mortgage repayments and utility bills
  • Mortgage repayments are usually lower for apartments than house loans.
  • Utilities bills can also be lower. Many modern units are well-insulated, naturally ventilated, use current technology and incorporate principles of passive design.
5. Apartment living = community living 
  • Wellness is important. It’s reassuring to know that there’s someone close by.
Bonus reason – Flexibility 
  • Your highly desirable property can be transformed into an investment property if you need.
  • Mighty fine reasons to make your next home a stylish apartment.

*2071.0 – Census of Population and Housing: Reflecting Australia – Stories from the Census, 2016 (abs.gov.au)