How to Max Your Space in a Studio Apartment

With “living lightly” trending globally, studio apartments are coming into their own as a sustainable way to live. The upside is there is just no room to hoard things you don’t need, use, or love. The decorating challenge is to create chic and compact, and side-step cramped and awkward.

The key to Chic and Compact is to make the space look as big as possible. Try these decorating tips to upsize your lifestyle

  1. Choose the right bed
  2. Look for multi-purpose furniture
  3. Light up with mirrors
  4. Go vertical 
  5. Keep the floor clear

Choose the Right Bed

Look at your lifestyle before investing in a bed. For example, if you love having friends stay over, consider buying a good quality sofa bed or murphy bed. A bed you can pack away will make the studio seem much more spacious.

However, if home is more of a place to crash, a regular bed might be the go. Another option is a loft-style bed. The raised sleeping zone creates room for a desk or bookshelf underneath.  

Look for multi-purpose furniture.

Just like the sofa bed – your living room furniture can do double duty. Consider skipping a traditional bedside table and opt for a desk instead. Then you’ll have a workspace, storage area, even dinner table all rolled into one. Alternately the dining table can transform into a work/study zone.

Choose furniture with inbuilt storage. For example, you’ll find sofas with pop-up seats, ottomans with hidden storage, stools that double as side tables, and beds with under mattress storage. Also, consider the profile of your furniture – is it chunky or more tapered.  

Light up with Mirrors

Nothing makes a room feel bigger than plenty of natural light. Mirrors and a light wall paint colour will open up the space.

Go Vertical

Use vertical space to full advantage.  

An open bookcase can display memorabilia, hide clutter in woven baskets, or act as a room divider. Floating shelves, wall hooks, and baskets suspended from the ceiling are also great ideas.  

Statement artwork on the walls will pack a vertical design punch without cluttering your home.

Keep the floor clear

Here’s a no-cost solution that pays big dividends: showing as much floor space as possible to make the room feel larger. But, of course, that means quitting any “floor-robe” habits and putting your clothes and possessions in their designated spot rather than dumping them on the floor.

Rugs can visually zone areas such as sleeping and dining without adding any more furniture.

Don’t forget to look for inspiration on social media. TV shows such as “Tiny Houses” are packed with ingenious space-saving ideas.  

So celebrate studio apartments are an antidote to any hoarding tendencies. Consider them an opportunity to live small yet mighty. And good luck on your design journey to live large.

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