How to spot a liveable suburb

Today we expect a lot from our neighbourhoods. We want to be educated, employed, exercised, connected, fed, entertained, and not too far from home.  

We can find ourselves assessing how our location stacks up when annual studies such as The Global Liveability Ranking compares 140 cities worldwide against the yardstick of “quality of life”. 

Here we break down the top 5 “liveability” factors to look for when choosing where to live:

  1.  Walkability
  2.  Community Spaces
  3.  Transport connectivity
  4.  Education and Employment
  5.  Community Services and Amenities


Walking is good for the environment, our physical and mental health and our wallet. Our chances of getting to know our neighbours also skyrocket when we walk. So rather than turbo-reversing out of the driveway to the shops and school, try a stroll instead.  

Community Spaces

Investment in open spaces pays off in spades.  

John Wearn Reserve has become something of a poster child for design excellence since the City of Parramatta Council re-opened it in December 2020.  

Funded through the NSW Government’s Stronger Communities Fund, the reserve has people flocking to play in the Safari theme park, the new amphitheatre and stage, picnic and BBQ spaces, family-friendly skateboard park, fitness station and dog park. Mature trees and 26,000 new plants give a sense of freedom and comfort even when the park is bustling. 

Transport Connectivity

Although fewer of us are commuting to work, access to transport is essential. A 2018 scorecard study of Sydney conducted by RMIT University’s Centre for Urban Research, University of Western Sydney and the Australian Catholic University recommended that your bus stop should be around 400 metres from home. Ideally, your train station by within 800 metres if you do need to commute.

Education and Employment

Access to good schools and employment that is not too far-flung on the other side of the city are priorities for young families juggling responsibilities.

Community Services and Amenities

A vibrant local cultural life is another hallmark of a great place to live. The character of a suburb comes through its cuisines, sporting fixtures such as “Little Athletics”, festivals and performances.

Many suburbs are rapidly transforming their streetscapes, striving to become a place to live your “best life”. Although we may differ in life-stage and goals, we all need these fundamentals to live well in our cities.

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